Welcome to Guido Stoecker´s Bodyguerra

Welcome to Guido Stoecker´s Bodyguerra

Guido Stoecker, graduate of the Munich Guitar Institute, founded his own music school in 1997 and has been active as a guitar instructor, bandleader, and musical director for all kinds of musical projects since then.

In 2010, Guido (and his guitar) put together a group of like-minded musicians and created the Album “Freddy … nothing as it seems.”  Daniel Seebass on vocals, Herman Focke on drums, Stefan Schlenke on bass and Guido himself recorded a debut that packs a punch. In 2013, “Freddy” was published worldwide by Dust on the Tracks/Sony. The single “21 Market Street” reached number 1 in the Hit-Track-Top 100.

Numerous other projects like “For the Ocean – a Tribute to Sea Shepher”, published by Bellaphone, and “Rise of the Underground Vol.3” followed. Guido can also be heard on Carsten Lizard Schulz’s album “When the World Stops Turning.” The track “Into the Blue” showcases a distinctive solo with all the typical elements of his style – crystal clear, melodic and virtuosic.

In 2018, renowned singer Graham Bonnet (Rainbow, Michael Schenker, Alcatrazz) had to take Guido Stoecker’s Bodyguerra on tour as special guests through Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. The boys won over crowds and critics alike.

When recording his most recent solo album “In flagrante Delicto” in early 2019, Ian Parry called Guido to provide bass tracks for five of his songs. At the end of 2019, (vocalist-vocal coach-songwriter) Ela Sturm and Guido started writing songs. Their collaboration has resulted in the upcoming album “Fire & Soul”. More info here.

Bodyguerra use many different styles of Rock and master all of them.