Guido Stoecker

The band took their name from a Spanish mare, a Baroque horse from Majorca, which was called “Body.” Someone misspelled her name “Bodeguerra” and wrote it down in the stable’s register as “Body-Guerra.” Guido read it and liked it. Hence, in 2010, he called his newly found band Bodyguerra.

As a modern modern rock band, Bodyguerra embodies heavy and punchy guitar driven rock that is characterized by Guido Stoecker ‘s virtuoso guitar playing. Complemented by Hanno Kerstan’s heavy drumming and Bassist Daniel “Danji” Perl’s driving bass playing, the band provides the foundation for Ela Sturm’s vocals. With its four octave range, her voice sounds equally impressive in the lows as in the highs.


Ela Sturm

Bodyguerra published their debut album, “Freddy … nothing as it seems“, in 2013 via Dust on the Tracks Records (MIG)/Sony. Soon other projects followed, among them the compilation album “For the Ocean – a Tribute to Sea Shephard” (Bellaphone).
In 2018, Bodyguerra impressed the crowds as special guests for Graham Bonnet (former Rainbow/MSG vocalist) and his band on a tour through Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. The tour with David Reece (ex-Accept, ex-Bonfire) in spring 2020 was cancelled due to Corona.

Daniel „Danij“ Perl

In late 2019, Guido and Ela started writing new songs. The result is the band’s new album “Fire & Soul” featuring eleven brandnew rocking-bluesy tracks plus one special bonus track; recorded at Empire Studios, mixed, mastered, and co-produced by Rolf Munkes (Crematory).
Bodyguerra will impress you with powerful rock as well as melodic songs with catchy hooks like “Stay Free” and “Steelheart”, while the title track “Fire & Soul” proves that the band is not afraid to include soul influences as well. Especially live on stage, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Hanno Kerstan

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