“If you like melodic hardrock/metal with a modern touch and an excellent production, you should give this a listen.” Geert Ryssen wrote about “Fire & Soul”.

“Een absolute aanrader! ” Marino Serdons about “Fire & Soul”.

“ben je fan van bluesy hardrock, moet je zeker eens luisteren..” Bart C. for Hellspawn online magazine.

Czech Republic

“Ela má nejen šílený rozsah, ale především hlas jako zvon, s jehož barevností si umí perfektně pohrát.” 8/10 from Hardmusicbase


“A masterpiece 100/100.” A very nice review by french print magazine ‘TheMetalMag’.

Attention spoiler alert : cet album est une bombe.” Metalfreak from France says it all in one short sentence. Read the complete review here:


Mix1 scores “Fire & Soul” 7/8.

German ‘Musix’ print magazine released a very nice review

“Was natürlich auf der ganzen Platte heraussticht, ist die Gitarrenarbeit von Guido Stoecker und der manchmal so richtig schön “dreckige” Gesang von Ela.” Hannelore Hämmer from german online magazine Powermetal.

A good review from online magazine flyfctory:


A good review by Piergiuseppe Lippolis for musicmap:

Album che evidenzia in più di una occasione il talento chitarristico di Guido Stoecker, un vero virtuoso dello strumento, e mette in luce l’estensione vocale di Ela Sturm, vera “goddess” della band. Album da mettere sul piatto e da ascoltare a tutto volume!” An excellent review by Giancarlo De Chirico for italian Extra!Music Magazine.


These guys are showing us potential. An album of a band that can grow well into one you’ll see around a lot.” A quote from Sabine van Gameren.

De liefhebber van klassieke hardrock (bij vlagen voorzien van een flinke scheut bluesrock) kan z’n hartje ophalen met Bodyguerra’s Fire & Soul.” Chris van der Aar talking about “Fire & Soul”.

“and the excellent uptempo melodic rocker Believe (with its AORish chorus and Ela’s vocals like BONNIE TYLER meets STEVIE NICKS meets BELINDA CARLISLE, a clear 80s influenced piece)”  Gabor Kleinbloesem from dutch online magazine Strutter ‘Zine scores “Fire & Soul” 8/10


“A good album that should have a fairly broad appeal.” Olav M. Björnsen, the viking from the wilderness, about “Fire & Soul”.


A review by Pavel from Poland:


“e a mostra novas facetas de uma banda que se revela inovadora a cada momento.” Vianocturna scores “Fire & Soul” 86/100.


“This is a band, that I would love to hear more from.” A quote by Horex from Slowakia.


“Overall, a plethora of rock styles await anyone who presses play – across twelve songs, there is something here for every rock fan to enjoy.” Iron Matthew digged deep into the music and wrote a very nice review about “Fire & Soul”.

“Overall, a hard rocking slap of bluesy rock, highly infectious and sing along able, ‘Believe’ is an enticing appetiser for the band’s upcoming album. Iron Matthew about ‘Believe’

“Quite remarkable that the band always sounds like a cohesive unit throughout this. Further the recording is excellent and Stoecker has full control over the variety of techniques and tones he employs, wearing his influences on his sleeve without sounding like a rip-off merchant. The vocals are impeccably assembled with luscious harmonies often being employed to spectacular effect.” Chris Hicklin really digged deep into the music.

“Overall, a plethora of rock styles await anyone who presses play – across twelve songs, there is something here for every rock fan to enjoy.” Iron Matthew digged deep into the music and wrote a very nice review about “Fire & Soul”.

“Yet there’s still something very infectious about it!” A very nice quote from Frenzy Fire online magazine. Read the complete review here:


Bringing rock with a twist of melodic, classic, and bluesy sounds that makes you want to put on repeat.” Berkley graduated Kelonie Utley about “Fire & Soul”.

“I was quite moved by the performance on this project, as well as the creative songwriting and superb recording.”An excellent review by Robert Levoy from Florida.

“In closing, Bodyguerra will impress you with powerful rock as well as melodic songs with catchy hooks like those found within Stay Free and Steelheart, while the title track Fire & Soul proves that the band is not afraid to include soul influences as well.” Anne Carlini from Exclusive magazine

“A complete album, well written and executed, old-school female fronted hard rock with a punchy modern production.
Highly Recommended”
Another great review by Odayrox. Read the complete review here:

“Fire & Soul is the aptly titled second album, full of both fire and soul.” Michael Popke said everything is a few words. 4/5 Stars.